Tuesday Talk In - Jason Payne

Tuesday Talk In - Jason Payne thunder.champmodel.dyndns.info

4th April 2017

Jason Payne says his winter switch from Thunder player to Thunder coach is going well and is a change of role that he is enjoying, as he speaks to Thunder TV for it’s next Tuesday Talk In.

Club stalwart Payne announced at the end of 2016 that his days as a Thunder player were over as he hung up his boots.

However, with such a long association with the club, his vital experience was something Thunder wished to retain and wasted no time in adding him to the coaching panel alongside Mick Mantelli and Michael Heap.

Looking back at the first month, Payne is feeling positive.  He said: “It’s something that I am really enjoying. The transition has been pretty easy if I am honest, I’ve been coaching a while now over at Northumbria and I know the club well.

“I’ve been here long enough and I’m part of the furniture and now I’m just trying to learn as much as I can, keep improving as a coach and hopefully contributing to the team in as many ways as possible.

“I think the biggest challenge has been leaving the player relationships that I have behind. I’ve got so many good mates that I’ve played with for a lot of years at the club, so going into that coaching role, that was tough at first over the first month, but now  everyone is more used to it, it’s much easier now.”

To watch the full interview and hear more about Jason’s move into the coaching office and his success with Northumbria University RL in the BUCS League, click on the video above.

Tuesday Talk In - Jason Payne thunder.champmodel.dyndns.info